Categorical Exclusion Determination

Categorical Exclusion Determination

Hazel Creek Raw Water Pumping Station Improvements
City of Cornelia
Habersham County, Georgia
WSID# 1370003 DW202302

The Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD) has conducted a review of the above subject project in accordance with the State’s Environmental Review Process (SERP) for Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (DWSRF) projects. The EPD has determined that this project is eligible for a categorical exclusion. Accordingly, the EPD is exempting the project from further substantive environmental review requirements under Georgia’s SERP.

The proposed project includes the replacement of three pumps at the Hazel Creek raw water pump station and the demolition of an abandoned raw water intake in Hazel Creek. The abandoned structure will be demolished in a manner in which it will not disturb the creek bed. This project is eligible for a Categorical Exclusion because it meets the following specific criteria, outlined in the DWSRF SERP: Improvements to existing surface or ground water treatment plants, including improvements to enhance security, which do not add a significant change in treatment capacity. Furthermore:

  • The project will not require issuance of a new or modification of an existing ground water or
    surface water withdrawal permit;
  • The project is not known or expected to have a significant adverse effect on the quality of the
    human environment, either individually, cumulatively over time, or in conjunction with other
    Federal, State, local or private actions;
  • The project is not known or expected to directly or indirectly have a significant adverse effect
    on: or threatened species; or environmentally important natural resource areas, such as
    floodplains, wetlands, important farmlands or aquifer recharge areas; and cultural resource areas,
    such as archaeological and historic sites; habitats of endangered species;
  • The action is cost-effective and is not expected to cause significant public

This determination shall become effective after thirty (30) days following its distribution by EPD and can be revoked if significant adverse information is made available. The documentation to support this decision is on file with the Georgia Environmental Protection Division and is available for public scrutiny upon request. A copy of the proposed project documentation is also available for review at the City Hall in Cornelia, Georgia.

All interested agencies, groups and persons supporting or disagreeing with this decision are invited to submit written comments, within thirty (30) days of the publish date of this notice to:

Georgia Environmental Protection Division
ATTN: Johann Phan, Environmental Engineer
Drinking Water Program
2 Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive, SE, Suite 1052 East
Atlanta, Georgia 30334-9000

After evaluating the comments received, EPD will make a final decision regarding approval of the project planning documents. No administrative action will be taken on the project for thirty (30) calendar days after publication of this Notice in a local newspaper that serves the City of Cornelia area.

Publish Date: _6/5/24

Manny Patel

Program Manager
Drinking Water Program
Environmental Protection Division
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