Community Service Program

City of Cornelia Community Service Program

When someone wants to perform community service work, he/she must sign two waivers.  One agreeing to use safety equipment and the other to assume liability for any bodily or personal injury received as a result of performing this community service.
The Person will be informed of work hours, dress code, safety rules and safety equipment.  She/he will be instructed on how to perform their assigned duties and will be supervised regarding his/her work.  The work will be reviewed prior to their supervisor signing that their work is completed.
If there is a problem with the person, the Department Head should be notified.
If the worker in injured, basic first aid can be administered.  Remind the worker of the personal liability waiver and help contact family or friend if medical assistance is needed.
The person should enjoy working in an environment free from all forms of discrimination including sexual harassment.  If one should feel threatened or made uncomfortable by any form of harassment whether it be racial, age, gender, religious, national origin or sexual, a report should be made to the department head and human resources manager.

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