Water Pollution Control Plant

Plant Description

The City of Cornelia Water Pollution Control Plant is a conventional activated sludge plant which operates in the extended aeration process due to the high volume of poultry processing wastewater (70% of flow) the Plant receives. The WPCP aeration basins are designed to operate in multiple configurations allowing a “plug flow” type process with 3 aeration basins consisting of 4 individual cells each. This also allows the Plant to utilize a “Luxury Uptake Process” to help remove Phosphorous biologically. Typical effluent discharge levels for ammonia are below .05mg/l, phosphorous are below .2mg/l, TSS are below 3.0mg/l and BOD are below 1.5mg/l. The WPCP is scheduled to begin an upgrade to 4.5 million gallons per day in 2023.


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