Septic Tanks

Installation Repairs

The City of Cornelia asks its residents to please contact the proper authority before installing septic tanks or having a septic tank repaired. Before installing septic tanks or repairing them you need to consult with the County Health Department as well as the City of Cornelia. The County and the City have policies in place for proper siting, inspection, and maintenance of septic tank systems (PDF). For more information on septic tanks systems siting, inspection, and maintenance please contact the Water Pollution Control Plant by email or by call 706 778-6461.

Household Products

The City of Cornelia ask its residents to please take caution before disposing of any household products down the drain to determine if such products may be listed as hazardous or harmful (PDF). This may interfere with the City’s ability to properly treat waste at its Water Pollution Control Plant. If you are on a septic tank system it may cause failure or require maintenance to be performed more frequently to your system. To determine if a product is hazardous please read the ingredients and warning labels published on the back of the product. If you have any questions please call 706 778-6461 or email the Water Pollution Control Plant.

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