Leaves & Limbs

Leaves Vacuum

Lay them out in a nice, long row by the curb and the leaf vacuum will suck them up. This leaf vac operates from October 1 to January 31, so be sure you get them curbside before then. The leaf vac can digest only leaves, not rocks, sticks, and other foreign matter, so be sure these things don’t get into your leaf piles.

A Word of Warning

This wonderful machine moves mighty slowly, since there are a lot of yards in Cornelia, and 99.9% of them have leaves, so it may take some time for the machine to get there.

Shrubs, Sticks & Dead Plants

Put the small stuff – pruning and grass clippings, petered-out summer flowers, etc.- in bags and set them curbside. A truck will come to take them away within 7 to 10 days.


Lay the larger limbs and sticks curbside with the butt ends facing the street. Within a few weeks, the chipper truck will haul them away.

The chipper truck does not grind limbs over 4 inches in diameter. Limbs over 4 inches may be hauled by the homeowner to Habersham County landfill.

Deliver Leaves & Chips

And for those that want leaves and chips, a quick call to City Hall 706-778-8585 will get them delivered to your door (if the truck can back up to it). This service is available only inside city limit

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